Your Career Objective…Important part of your resumé?

Myth: Career objectives are not as important as the content of your resumé.

Reality: Your ‘Career Objective’ will most likely be the first thing the potential employer reads. If it does not get his/her attention and relate to the job position you are applying to…or the needs of the employer…why would they want to read on. Like your 30 second elevator speech, your career objective must be tailored to the opportunity you are addressing. If you have done your homework you should know the skills (and words) the employer will be looking for and you should incorporate those into your objective. A generic objective suggests you are asking the reader to determine what you are looking for. Unless that person is a career counsellor…that’s not their job. You must be specific about what you want and know enough about the company and job to customize your objective to that position.

Remember, the purpose of the resumé is to get you the interview. The more attractive you sound to the reader, the more likely you will get the interview. Stand out and be ‘Remembered.’