Top Interview Questions

The top interview questions graduates will be asked in an interview are designed to help the interviewer determine three things. Can you do the job? Will you fit in to the company? Do you want to job?

The answer to the first question is most likely, ‘yes.’ You are right out of school. They know your qualifications. You can do the job.

Will you fit in to their company? This is a judgment call based on personal chemistry. The interviewer will determine if you will fit in by your overall behavior, personality and the way you answer the interview questions.

Do you really want the job? This is the reason you are in the interview, so the answer to every question must convince the interviewer that you ‘want the job.’

The top interview question and probably the first question you will be asked will be: “Tell me about yourself.” This question will give you a chance to give your ‘elevator speech’ which states your current situation and your passion for the industry. With your opening remarks you can clearly establish you are enthusiastic, prepared, determined and most importantly, confident.

The next top interview question will usually be: “What are your career or long-term goals? ”This question gives you another chance to talk about your passion for their business, knowledge of the industry and desire to be a part of their company.

The top interview questions most graduates get confused about are ones that ask for their strengths and weaknesses. If you have done your homework and know what they are looking for, you can address your strengths in context of the job or job description. When asked about your weaknesses, don’t get tricked. You don’t have weaknesses relative to the job you are applying for.  Answer by saying you believe you understand the job and are confident you have the skills and qualifications they are looking for.

The next top interview question the interviewer most likely will ask will be why you are interested in their company. This question gives you an opportunity to tell the interviewer about your passion for the industry and specifically what you have learned about the company. If you don’t know anything about the company and haven’t prepared for this question, you can consider the interview over and your chances of getting the job, zero.

One of the top interview questions will be “Have you any questions?” When asked this, if you do NOT have any questions, the interviewer will conclude you are not prepared and not really interested. Have great questions to ask about the interviewer, the company and the specific job you are applying for. Good questions will impress the interviewer.

The top interview questions you will be asked give you the best chance to convince the interviewer of your preparedness, confidence and enthusiasm for the job and your best chance of landing that first job after graduation.