Time Management Is Your Responsibility

The transition from school to the workplace presents many challenges for graduates. The excitement of the new job can often overshadow some of the basic disciplines and skills required to manage the new environment and expectations placed on you.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you with this transitions:

  • KNOW WHO YOU ARE: Know how you like to work, when you work best, when you are most productive.
  • SAVE TIME: Plan ahead, make lists – know what you have to do and finish what you start.
  • MAKE TIME: Every day, plan for things you want and need to do.
  • PRIORITIZE: Make a plan of action (weekly and monthly).
  • CHECK YOUR PRIORITIES. Circumstances change and so can the priorities.
  • PLAN YOUR NEXT DAY. The night before or before you leave your office.
  • WRITE THINGS DOWN: If you write things down you will remember them.
  • RETURN PHONE CALLS ʻIMMEDIATELYʼ : By returning calls right away you donʼt have to remember to do it. You might eliminate a potential problem or even better, open up a big opportunity.
  • LISTEN AND READ CAREFULLY: Before you react understand the problem or situation
  • RAPID RESPONSE: Do it, Delegate it or Defer it. Get it done immediately. Donʼt hesitate and you wonʼt waste time.
  • AGENDAS: Insist on them for all meetings.
  • LATE-COMERS: Donʼt wait for them at a meeting, proceed on schedule.
  • BE ON TIME: Not being punctual is not only rude, it waste the time of those kept waiting.
  • KEEP PROMISES: Always! It is human nature to underestimate the time for a job. Learn to be realistic and donʼt make a promise that you cannot keep.
  • PERSONAL BUSINESS: Your personal life is important. Don’t let your work  ruin your personal commitments. Incorporate personal business into your schedule.
  • DONʼT PROCRASTINATE: some decisions can be made by flipping a coin.
  • STAY HEALTHY: Keep yourself in good health. You cannot perform well when you are not.
  • DO IT NOW! If you have a small unpleasant task ahead, -clear it off at the start of the day”.

Managing your time is your responsibility.

If you are not managing your time, who is?