Your references are important

References can make a big difference in the hiring process.

Often we just treat references as a necessary part of the hiring process. Many do not think of them  important. Wrong! Employers use references to probe behaviours of potential hires. With references they can ask questions that will reveal important work habits that may not be evident in the formal interview process. This is especially true for recent grads and first time job seekers.

Here are some points to remember.

  1. Only provide references when asked. It is not necessary to send references with every resume you send out.
  2. Choose your references carefully and formally ask them to be your reference
  3. Always let your references know who you have provided their name to, advising they may be getting a call from (name or name of company).
  4. After you are hired, always formally thank your references for their help and support.

Treat references with respect, they could tip the hiring decision in your favour.