Questions for graduates to ask yourself before the interview

Graduates…it is important to understand interview preparation is the key to a successful interview. The slightest oversight could be the difference between your success or failure. Answer these simple questions during the days before the interview and you can be confident you will make a great impression… and increase your odds of getting the job. Why? Because most graduates won’t take the time or energy to ask these questions to themselves.

 Ask yourself these questions before interview:

  • Have I studied the company’s web site?
  • Have I called to confirm the interview…time, exact location and name of the interviewer?
  • Have I confirmed how to get to the interview…driving, public transit, etc.?
  • Have I asked about parking and where to enter the building?
  • Have I researched information about the job, company and interviewer?
  • Have I prepared my interview kit: resumé, references, portfolio?  (if applicable)
  • Have I got my pad and pen ready?
  • Have I decided on my wardrobe?
  • Have I prepared my opening speech?
  • Have I prepared answers to every interview question I can think of?
  • Have I made my list of questions to ask the interviewer about the job and company?
  • Have I prepared my closing speech?
  • Have I got my “Thank you” letter ready to write and send after the interview?
  • Will I get a good night’s sleep before the interview?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions… you are ready.

Good Luck!