Do you have any questions? No? ….Interview over.

Remember, it is your interview. You must be prepared to answer all the questions posed to you as well as ask intelligent questions of the interviewer. At some point in every interview the interviewer will ask you the question: “Do you have any questions?” If your answer is ‘No’ be assured that the interview is over and you will not get the job. The reason? By answering “No’ you are telling the interviewer you are not really interested in the job or the company and / or you did not prepare properly for the interview. Either way you have all but ruined any chance of getting the job. So, come prepared to every interview with a set of questions that will show you are prepared and you really want the job…They will remember this when the decision who to hire is made.

Here are 10 great questions to ask that will demonstrate your preparedness, enthusiasm for the job.

1. CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE POSITION AND THE KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? The answer to this question help you understand what they are looking for and will give you one more chance to assure the interviewer you have those qualities.

2. IS THIS A NEW POSITION OR AM I REPLACING SOMEONE? The answer to this will tell you why you are being hired. If it is a new position… good, the company is growing. If it is replacing someone, you can then find out what happened to that person. Was he/she promoted, resigned, fired? Is this important to know? Of course.

3. WHO WOULD I BE REPORTING TO? You must know who your immediate superior is. This is most likely the person who will train you and determine if you are doing a good job or not.

4. WHAT IS THE CRITERIA AGAINST WHICH MY PERFORMANCE WILL BE JUDGED? You need to know how you will be evaluated and what are the success criteria of performance for this job, otherwise how will you know how to behave?

5. WHEN I DO A GOOD JOB FOR YOU WILL THERE BE A CHANCE FOR ADVANCEMENT? You are telling the interviewer you will do a good job and that you want to be a part of the growth of the company.

6. HOW DID YOU (to the interviewer) GET STARTED IN YOUR CAREER? People like to talk about themselves and this question shows you are interested in the interviewer’s comments and opinions.

7. COULD YOU TELL ME WHAT A TYPICAL DAY WOULD BE FOR ME? This question makes the assumption you will get hired, shows confidence and interest in working for them.

8. I HAVE READ ABOUT… (some current information about the company or industry) CAN YOU TELL ME MORE? This type of questions shows you have done your homework and know something about the company or industry.

9. WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? You must know what the next steps are so you will know how and when to follow up. This will show your organizational skills and your interest.

IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO BETWEEN NOW AND THE TIME YOU MAKE YOUR FINAL DECISION TO CONVINCE YOU I AM THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS JOB? This question will raise any question in the interviewer’s mind not already covered and give you one more chance to reinforce your interest and enthusiasm.