Quality control of your resumé is critical

Remember…one mistake on your resumé and the reader will stop reading. (It is very unlikely they will send it back to you asking to correct the resumé and resubmit.) Quality control is as important as the content you put into it.

Follow these simple steps every time you send out your resumé and you will never have to worry about the dreaded mistake.

  1. Take time to write your resumé. Do not write it in a hurry.
  2. Use spell-check (but remember, it doesn’t always work or catch mistakes) Check grammar and spelling meticulously.
  3. Always read your resumé out loud. This way you will hear the way people will read it.
  4. Read your resumé word for word, backwards, yes ‘backwards’…from the end to the beginning. If there is an incorrect word or error you will probably find it. It will take 1 or 2 minutes to read it backwards. A small investment in time avoids a costly mistake.
  5. Always have at least one other person proof-read your resumé before sending it out. Others may see what you have missed.
  6. Email your resumé to yourself and a friend to be certain the format reproduces over the internet. (.pdf is the safest format)
  7. There is a good chance your resumé will be photocopied at some point in time. Be sure there are no images or graphics on your resumé that do not copy well. Avoid them if you can.