The most qualified, most experienced and most educated student always gets the job.


The student who gets hired is the the student who aces the interview, period!

You got the interview…You are in the interview. Why? Because you are qualified. Your resumé has told the interviewer that you have the qualifications they are looking for. (If you didn’t have the qualifications, why would they waste their time talking to you?)

Now, getting hired is a matter of presenting yourself as the best solution to the employer’s problem or need. Convince them that you’ve got the right skills, the right attitude, and the right stuff to solve their problems, and you will get the job.

Remember, it is usually the person who does the best job of interviewing who gets the job. The interviewer’s responsibility to his or her company is to hire the right person with the right fit and most importantly, the right attitude. This should be your goal in the interview…to convince them of this.