Lost in the crowd during your job search?

When you graduate and are entering the job market for the first time, all graduates will look the same. You have your degree or diploma, your resumé but little or no practical experience in the worlds you are entering.

It is important to know that you represent ‘potential’ to an employer. Your education says you have worked hard and can learn – but it is your behaviour during your job search that will show the employer you have the maturity and desire to be a good employee.

Therefore; your performance and everything you do during your job search must make you stand out from your competition and make you memorable to the employer.

At the end of the hiring process the person who gets the job is the person the hiring manager remembers. The person they remember for the behaviours that show he or she is worthy of being given a chance and being hired. Polite, courteous, respectful, organized, enthusiastic…these are the traits every employer wants in a new employee. An employer can teach you skills but cannot teach attitude. It is attitude you must demonstrate and bring to the employer.

Looking for a job will be your first job when you graduate.