Learn to write an “Interview-Winning” resumé and open the right door

Most students dread writing their resumé.

The following is a list of questions that will help you through this process and create a resumé that will open the right door to start your career.

  • What’s the purpose of a resumé? You need to understand that your resumé should be designed to accomplish one thing. Get you an interview.
  • What job am I applying for? Write your resumé with the job to which you are applying in mind. You need to highlight the certain skills and experience that are relevant for the job. These are the things the employer will be looking for.
  • What do I want my resumé to say about me? Design and language in your resumé say things about your style and personality. Know your audience and be sure your resumé supports the traits you want the employer to know about you. This will help differentiate you from your competition.
  • What do I have to offer? First, understand the job description and the job you are applying for. Focus on your accomplishments and what you have learned from your education, previous work and experience.
  • What have I achieved? Quantify your accomplishments – the more specific you can get the better picture your potential future employer will have of your experience and the value you could be for them.
  • What is relevant? The employer will be interested in  the skills and experience that pertain to the specific job plus anything else that you have done that makes you interesting and unique.
  • Am I proud of this resumé? This is your calling card – It represents you and you must feel confident it represents you in the best possible way.
  • Is my resumé ‘perfect’? It should not have to be said…but, no spelling or grammatical errors. Have someone you trust read and re-read your resumé. If you choose not to have someone else check your resumé it could be the biggest mistake you make. No employer is interested in a person who cannot get the most important piece of paper in the job search correct.