Job search is about being “remembered.”

Job search is not just about standing out…it is about being remembered.

It is important for new graduates to realize that the job markets you wish to enter do not know who you are (yet). The first task in your job search should be to get visibility on your terms. Social media can play an important role in letting people know who you are, what you are interested in and your career goals. Just like in advertising, consistency in your message is important, so think through what you want people to know about you and post it carefully.

For every graduate looking for a job, there is one person, one employer, one hiring manager who will eventually decide to ‘pick you’ versus all the other candidates. When the decision-maker has to make that decision, after all the resumés, phone calls, meetings and interviews, the person they decide upon will be the person they “remember.” As a new graduate you will be qualified since the  requirements for almost all entry level positions will be your diploma or degree. It will be the way you conduct your job search and the things they remember about you that will determine the result. To stand out from your competition is important but to be remembered when that hiring decision is being made is essential. Every aspect of your job search is under scrutiny. Look for meaningful ways to be remembered.