Job Interview Tips

These job interview tips for graduates might be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job.

Your resume most likely got you the interview which means you are qualified and the company is interested in you. Your resume states your qualifications so, why would they interview you if you were not qualified? Most graduates spend valuable time in the interview trying to convince the interviewer they are qualified. You are qualified…that is why you are there.

What is the purpose of the interview? The interviewer wants to evaluate your communication skills, determine if you will fit into the work environment and culture but most importantly…determine if you are really serious and want the job.

The best job interview tip? Understand why you are there. Your job is to convince them you want the job by showing your preparedness, professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm.

Here are a few things most graduates should do… but probably won’t.

Differentiate yourself by:

  • Calling ahead the day before the interview to confirm
  • Turning off your cell phone.
  • Greeting the interviewer with a firm handshake, thanking them for the opportunity to meet with them.
  • Carrying a pen and paper with you to take notes and to have written down appropriate questions to ask the interviewer about the job and company.
  • Answering each question asked of you as if the interviewer says at the end of the question…‘and what’s in it for me?’ Answering a question like this will show you understand what they are looking for and are confident you can do the job.
  • Always finishing the interview by telling the interviewer you want the job.
  • Always following up after the interview with a thank-you letter or email.

Job interview tips are only tips if you use them. Be different…be better than your competition