It’s your interview…Who is in control?

Myth: In a job interview, the interviewer is in control.

Reality: You give an interview; you do not take an interview. It should be a two-way exchange. In a good interview, you should ask as many questions as the interviewer asks, if not more. You can show that you’ve done your research by asking questions about the company. Remember this is “your” interview and it is your job to leave the interviewer with the right impression about you. You cannot do that if you don’t make sure you tell them all the things about you that make you suitable for the position. Preparation is the only way you can be sure that you will tell the interviewer all the things they need to know. Take a note-pad and pen into the interview with you and have notes to yourself about what you want to say (so you don’t forget) and questions you want to ask. This simple act will impress the interviewer and show him/her that you are serious, organized and motivated.