Interview etiquette counts

Graduates need to know that business and interview etiquette is extremely important. It shows you know how to handle yourself in important situations. Your first interview might be the most important interview of your career…the one that gets you in the door.

Consider these points of etiquette:

  1. Always arrive early…never late
  2. Your demeanor comes under scrutiny from the beginning…the moment your walk in the door
  3. First impressions mean everything. Be courteous to the receptionists and shake hands like you mean it
  4. Smile, it shows confidence
  5. Leave your cell phone in your purse or briefcase – TURNED OFF
  6. Don’t be chewing gum, eating or carry a drink
  7. Wait for the interviewer to sit down before you do
  8. Don’t address the interviewer by his/her first name unless told to
  9. Listen to the interviewer carefully
  10. You are making a presentation, so know what you are going to say
  11. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview, sit up straight, no slouching and speak clearly
  12. When you are in your interviewer, focus 100%. Put everything else out of your mind

Remember, poor etiquette shows poor judgment