Interview checklist for interview success

You didn’t get the job….Once you have had your interview(s) and didn’t get the job, it was probably not because you weren’t qualified. You were qualified, that’s why you were in the interview. Why would you get an interview if you were not qualified? That is what your resumé does. It gets you qualified. Someone saw your resumé and said, “I want to meet this person.”

The reason you didn’t get the job is simply because someone else did a better job than you in the interview. It is that simple. The person who gets the job is the person who aces the interview. Period.

It all starts as soon as you receive notification about your interview. Acing the interview is more than just answering all the questions asked of you. You will be scrutinized from the second you walk in the door to the interview…from the first hello to the last good-bye, plus your behaviour before and after the interview.

Here is a checklist to follow that will ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to standout and differentiate yourself from your competition. After all, isn’t that what you have to do? You must be better and more memorable than your competition. Some of these points might seem obvious and some very simple, but remember, it will be the cumulative effect of all your behaviours that you will be evaluated on. So ask yourself these questions and use them to prepare yourself and to be better than your competition.


  1. Have I called to thank the caller and confirm the interview time, date, location, name and title of the interviewer?
  2. Have I asked about parking, transit and where to enter their building / office?
  3. Have I asked if there is an available job description for the position?

Days Before Interview:

  1. Have I called to confirm the interview the day before the interview?
  2. Do I know how long it will take me to get to the interview… so I am not late?
  3. Have I looked at the company’s web site?
  4. Have I researched information about the market, job, company and interviewer?
  5. Have I prepared my interview kit: resumé, references, portfolio? (if applicable)
  6. Have I packed writing materials to take notes (pen and paper)?
  7. Have I decided on my wardrobe?
  8. Have I prepared and rehearsed my opening speech?
  9. Have I prepared answers to every interview question I can think I could be asked?
  10. Have I made my list of questions to ask about the job and company?
  11. Have I prepared my closing speech?
  12. Will I get a good night’s sleep before the interview?

Day Of Interview:

  1. Have I double-checked that I have all the things I need?
  2. Have I looked in the mirror? Do I look great?
  3. Do I have my “Thank-you” letter ready to finalize and send after the interview?
  4. Will I arrive to the interview at least 15 minutes early?
  5. Have I turned off my cell phone?
  6. Am I confident and smiling?

Answering yes to all the above?

…if so, “Good luck”….you are ready to go.