How to write a resumé

How to write a resumé is the question most graduates wrestle with upon graduation because you often feel you have no experience and have nothing of interest to tell a potential employer.

Learning how to write a good resumé is important at any time but critically important for graduates because it will most likely be your impression and first entrance into the job market.

Your resumé might be the most important document you own since it has to tell people about you when you are physically not there to explain or defend yourself.

To learn how to write a resumé you must first understand the primary purpose of the resume. A resumé is designed to do one thing and one thing only. Get you an interview. You cannot get a job without an interview and it is unlikely you will get a interview without someone asking for your resumé.

Think about your resumé as an advertisement for you, about you. Your resumé should not be a chronology of your life’s history…It should be a summary of your learning and accomplishments. You want the reader to look at your resume and say, “I want to meet this person.”

The key to writing a good resumé is not to write about what you did…write about what you have learned and accomplished in your schooling and summer or part-time jobs.

Even though you may not think your part-time or summer job was significant, it will show you have worked, can work and have learned some of the basic job skills everyone must learn – like showing up on time, teamwork and taking direction. With every job you had, you learned something the future employer won’t have to teach you. It is important to write your resumé in a way that explains what you have learned.

How to write a resumé is not a difficult question to answer if you clearly understand what it is supposed to do. Tell them what you know and what you have learned. This is your best chance to get the interview.