Graduating in 2022? Start your job search…NOW!

It is never too early to start your job search…in fact, you are already doing it and you may not know it.

“You are always interviewing”

What does this mean?

Your job search has started. Simply, every person you know and every person you meet is potentially a contact, reference or referral for the job you want.

We all know the importance of networking and you need to realize that informal contact with people is the same as networking. Every contact creates an impression that could influence their support and help in your job search.

Walking you dog, working out at the gym or just talking to friends can make lasting impressions with the people around you. Life is about relationships, so work hard at building and maintaining good relationships with everyone you can.

You never know who is watching your behavior.

Don’t wait until you graduate…start thinking about your job search now.