Example Cover Letter

There are no ‘perfect’ example cover letters because your cover letter must be unique to you, your situation and the job to which you are applying. Every one should be different.

The first thing you must understand is why you are sending a cover letter. The cover letter is the link between you ( and how you found out about the job) and your resume. To NOT send a cover letter is a big mistake and missed opportunity. Even if you are not asked for it, always send a cover letter with your resume.


Your cover letter (addressed to the right person) is your best chance that the right person will actually see your resume and hopefully read it. The cover letter tells the reader why you are writing and why they should look at your resume. The cover letter can also highlight those skills and qualities you emphasize in your resume.

Do not just copy the same words and language found in your resume to the cover letter. Make the cover letter targeted and uniquely yours.

If you are sending your resume via email do not send your cover letter and resume as two separate documents. Either create one document with your cover letter followed by your resume or put the cover letter in the body of the email and attach your resume document.

The best cover letter is one that you create specifically for your needs.

If someone tells you a cover letter in not required or says that people do not read cover letters…ask yourself the question, ‘What is the downside to sending a cover letter?” The answer is simple and obvious…Zero!

The upside? It just might make you stand out from your competition and be remembered.