What they don’t teach you in school.

Just graduated? Now your education begins.

Now that you have graduated and you are entering the job market for the first time there are a few things probably no one has told you. If they did tell you, you probably were not listening.

Your ‘real-education’ begins when you get your first job.You will no longer have someone telling you what you have to do to be successful. Remember, you do not get paid for what you know…your education is the price of entry. You get paid for what you do. You will get hired because you represent potential to the employer. Potential to be a good, productive employee.

Your job is not about you, it is about your contribution to your company. Recognizing the needs of the company and how your role fits in it will be essential to your success.

Your people skills will be the key to your ability to fit in and work with those who will determine if you are the right person for the job. Office ‘politics’ and personality clashes will challenge you daily and it will be important for you to avoid falling into the trap of participation.

Being likeable, pleasant to work with and having the right attitude is your best strategy for success.

Remember you will be hired based on your potential to perform and the best way to assimilate yourself into a company’s environment is to listen and learn right from the start.

Your business network will be the key to your long term success so work at it constantly.  No job is forever so keeping your network alive and your resumé current should be part of your long term career strategy.

The transition from the classroom to the workplace is a steep learning curve but if managed properly will be the building of a successful career.