DISAPPOINTMENT! “You did not get the job.”

Do not be surprised if you don’t get the first job you interview for. It happens sometimes. (Sorry it does.) This does not mean you will never get a job. It means someone else did a better job at their job search and interviews than you did…So now what?

Just because you didn’t get hired does not mean you did not leave a great impression. Once you have been notified you were not successful, be sure to follow up (once again) with everyone you met during the process, thanking them for the opportunity to have met with them…expressing interest in any other positions that might come in the future.

This is a “great” strategy. It keeps the door open and continues your networking process.

Depending on the relationship you may have developed during the interview process, you may choose to contact the interviewer for advice on what you might have done better in the interview and ask for referrals to others in the industry.

Job search is about building relationships. If you make a good impression you will see returns in the future. Guaranteed!

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure,                                                                                        it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.”

                                              Robert H. Schuller