Cover Letter Fatal Mistakes

It is important to understand that first impressions are critical in your job search.

Many times, your cover letter accompanying a job application and/or your resumé will be the first thing an employer sees. Any mistake, question or ambiguity could end your chances and your resumé never even looked at.

People often think a cover letter is not necessary or never read. This many be true in some cases but the positive side of a great cover letter far outweighs any negatives.

Here are some mistakes to avoid on your cover letter.

  • Addressing your cover letter “To whom it may concern.’  People hire people. Always address your cover letter to a real person.
  • Telling the employer how they can help your career. No. Tell they what you have to offer them.
  • Overusing of the word ‘I’.
  • Writing your life history in your cover letter. Stick to the facts: Why you are writing and what you have to offer. Only include points relative to the job position.
  • Excluding any information they might have asked you to include in the job posting or application.
  • Forgetting to tell why you feel you are qualified for the position .
  • Repeating words in your resume´, word for word in your cover letter.
  • Making your cover letter sound like a form letter.
  • Making your cover letter longer than one page.
  • Forgetting to sign the letter.
  • Asking the employer to contact you. NO! You will call them.
  • Attaching your cover to your email. Make your cover letter a part of the body copy in your email or make if the first page of your resumé document

A well written cover letter is your best chance to having your resumé read and getting that all-important interview.