Congratulations! You just landed a job. Now what?

After days and months of hard work you have finally landed that perfect job. You have two weeks before you start.

What are you going to do?

Most people who have been through a job search know that it can be a laborious, frustrating and tedious job in itself, so when you finally get the job all you want to do is celebrate and relax before the big day when you start your new job. It’s over and you want to forget the long difficult days and disappointments of your search. Right?

If that is you, you will miss the best long term business opportunity of your life time.

How so?

During your job search you will no doubt meet many new people through your networking and your interviews for jobs you did not get.

Many of the people you will have met will be a part of your new world, and many may have been helpful and supportive during your search.

Don’t forget them. You may need them in the future.

So this is what I suggest you do.

Tell everyone you have met, former friends and colleagues, people and companies you interviewed with and even companies and people you may have approached and didn’t even give you a response…everyone, yes everyone: “I now have a job!”

Why would I do this?

It would be common courtesy to let people who may have helped with advice or referrals that you have been successful.

Secondly, some of the people you may have interviewed with ( and didn’t get the job) may be people you want to re-connect with later in your career.

Thirdly…It’s called ‘Advertising’. You are telling the world this is who I am and where I am working.

If you have conducted your job search with professionalism and integrity this notification about your new job will be received positively by most everyone.

What is the downside of this? Absolutely nothing. The up-side?

People will remember you and you will be building an excellent network for your future.

There is always a big gap between common knowledge and common practice.

Should you follow this advice?

Common knowledge, Of course you should.

Common practice, will you?

Your choice.