The most common reasons graduates are rejected in an interview

When you interview for a job right out of school,  it is not your experience the interviewer is looking for…you have none. Interviewers look for someone who shows potential and a willingness to learn. Your behaviour in the interview will determine it you move forward to the next interview. Avoid these fatal mistakes:

1. Poor interview manners:

Don’t ever arrive late. Always shake hands, smile and make eye contact

2. Poor appearance: 

Always dress for the position, neat and clean,“First impressions are critical and they last”

3. Unrealistic demands about the job:

Talk about the opportunities to learn and desire to contribute rather than what you can do for them. Remember, you haven’t got the job yet

4. Unrealistic salary demands:

The interviewer and company know what they are going to pay you. Do not ask about salary in the first interview

5. Knowing little about the company:

Arrive prepared. Know as much about the company and the job as you can before the interview

6. Talking too much in the interview:

Learn to listen. Make your point and listen to the response

7. Talking too little:

Answer questions fully and give all the information requested. Make sure you say all the things you want to say.

8. Being too charming:

Don’t overdo it or try to be too clever. Don’t look superficial

9. Being overly modest:

Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn

Talk about your accomplishments awards etc.

10. Lack of follow-up

After the interview always send a ‘thank you’ note. Always!