When interviewing avoid buzzwords and annoying clichés

Buzzwords and clichés are ‘danger’ words in an interview.

During an interview, nothing is worse than someone who uses overworked buzzwords and clichés in a desperate effort to show they are ‘in the know’ with business jargon. “Thinking outside the box” or “Taking it to the next level” are some of the annoying, overused terms used today and their use in any conversation only shows a naivety of the real world. Others terms include ‘synergy, paradigm shift,  strategic thinker, and team player.

Keep it simple and direct.

Don’t pretend you actually know what this type of language means….nobody does. Best to put these ‘outside the box’ terms back in the box and leave them there.

People who tend to use these terms are usual the least creative in their thinking.