5 Do’s and Don’t’s of the phone interview.

Today more than ever before phone interviews are playing an important part of the hiring process. Phone interviews are convenient and can help the interviewer quickly determine if you are worthy of a face-to-face interview. For this reason you must take the phone interview seriously and treat it just like an in-person interview. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’t’s to help you ace your phone interview.


  1. Have your resume, notes about the company, pen and paper and your questions in front of you.
  2. Stand while talking on the phone…it will help you project and sound positive.
  3. Practice out loud the answers to the questions you know you will be asked.
  4. Smile while you speak…it will make a difference in the way you sound.
  5. Always follow-up the phone interview with a thank-you note, just like a face-to-face interview.



  1. Don’t eat, drink or smoke during the phone interview..the person on the other end can tell.
  2. Don’t ever put the interviewer on hold or take another call.
  3. Don’t talk too much, listen carefully and respond appropriately.
  4. Don’t have other people, music or pets in the room during the interviewer.
  5. Don’t think the phone interview is not important…it is your ticket to an in-person interview