21 Questions you need to ask yourself before your interview

Interview preparation will be the key to interview success and landing that first job. Ask yourself the following questions prior to your interview. If you can answer them all, “YES”, you are ready. If not, you are not ready.

Pre-Interview: (once you have been notified about the interview)

  1. Have confirmed the interview time, date, location and name of the interviewer?
  2. Have I asked about parking, transit and where to enter the building?
  3. Have I asked if there is a job description?

Days Before Interview:

  1. Have I been on the company’s web site?
  2. Do I know how long it will take me to get to the interview?
  3. Have I researched information about the job, company and interviewer?
  4. Have I prepared my interview kit: resumé, references, portfolio? (if applicable)
  5. Have I got my pad and pen ready?
  6. Have I decided on my wardrobe?
  7. Have I prepared my opening speech?
  8. Have I prepared answers to every interview question I can think of?
  9. Have I made my list of questions about the job and company?
  10. Have I prepared my closing speech?
  11. Have I called to confirm the interview the day before?
  12. Will I get a good night’s sleep before the interview?

Day Of Interview:

  1. Have I double-checked that I have all the things I need?
  2. Have I looked in the mirror and do I look great?
  3. Do I have my “Thank-you” letter ready to finalize and send after the interview?
  4. Will I arrive to the interview at least 15 minutes early?
  5. Have I turned off my cell phone?
  6. Am I confident and smiling?                                              

Yes to all?  You are Ready.

Good Luck!