12 job-search ideas how graduates can differentiate themselves from the competition

It is important for graduates to understand that the people doing the interviewing and hiring hear the same things, every day, from every new graduate. Your objective is to get noticed..differentiate yourself and be ‘Remembered’.

The best way to be remembered is to do ALL the things you know you should do.

Why?…Because most people ‘won’t’ do ALL the things they should do.

  1. When sending your resume by email be sure the ‘file’ name states your ‘full’ name..no abbreviations, Rev 1 etc. Put the name of company you are applying to after your name. (my name/ XZY company).
  2. When sending your resume by email, be sure to put your full name in the subject line. This way the reader will have no trouble finding your email in their mailbox.
  3. Whenever possible, send your resume, ‘hardcopy’, to a real person, (not a department). Send your resumé by courier or priority post to get attention and make it look important.
  4. Always, always follow up with a phone call after sending your resumé .
  5. Avoid making a ‘cold call’ if you can. Use your network to get an introduction.
  6. The first impression is ‘critical’. Dress appropriately. Better to be over-dressed than too casual.
  7. Always call the day before your interview to confirm . Always.
  8. Be early…not just on time.
  9. Always know the first thing you are going to say. Rehearse your ‘opening speech’.
  10. Always ask questions about the company, or ask the interviewer how they got started with the company.
  11. Always, tell the interviewer that you are interested in the job at the end of the interview and ‘you want this job’.
  12. Always, follow up with a ‘thank-you’ note (not just an email) after EVERY interview.

Remember…when you finally land your job…‘Tell Everyone’!!!!