The first question graduates are going to be asked in an interview…

There is one question that graduates are always asked in an interview. It is usually the first question. If you are prepared, there is a good chance your answer will help you ace the interview.

The question is… “Tell me about yourself.” (or similar wording)

This is not an invitation to tell the interviewer your life story. This is your opportunity to tell the interviewer:

  1. Why you are there
  2. What you know about the company
  3. Why you feel you are perfectly suited for the job

If you think you can make up an answer on the spur of the moment…think again.

Your answer will probably be the first thing you say in the interview. Be prepared. Be impressive.

A well crafted answer, hitting all the points the interviewer needs to know will take planning and practise… Be ready for it.

If you cannot tell the interviewer about yourself, who can?